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Safari Surfers

Safari Surfers is a digital + traditional art and music project led by Jonas Claesson, an Australian-based visual artist and avid surfer originally from Sweden.

The Safari Surfers are 12 playful, funky, vibrant characters brought to life through randomised animations and custom music. Each NFT will come with the ability to purchase a physical artwork of the NFT at an 80% discount compared to Jonas’s other 1 of 1 prints.

Good art exists at the intersection of expectation and surprise. And today, the uniqueness and entertainment of generative art largely starts and ends at mint. Standard looping animations and music can get boring in a matter of minutes and remain constant for eternity.

The Safari Surfers Collection introduces new technology called the NeverEndgine, an algorithm which randomizes animations and music to ensure that both are never repetitive and always fresh and fun.

And in the future, this technology will allow Safari Surfers to be upgradable and adaptable (meaning we will be able to change any of the variables within any or all pieces of art, at any time, to surprise and delight their owners). So new backgrounds, animations and music can all be triggered by season, weather and time of day. Musically, the NeverEndgine will also allow the ability to create and add new stems such as original melodies and vocals to the art and even the ability for holders to customise tracks in numerous ways. The result is thousands of fun, truly captivating pieces of art that bring a completely new dimension to the magic of the ocean and the wonder of animals that is the essence of Jonas’ artwork.

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